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El Nahual Community Center / Manos de Colores
     Project Description: The mission behind El Nahual is to develop and promote programs in education, art, culture, athletics, and cooperative work, which drive social change and development within the general population. Our organizational philosophy is ¨educando para el desarrollo social¨ (educating for social development), and we strive to offer creative, thoughtful instruction in the subjects that children need most to succeed in school.
El Nahual is located on the outskirts of the Quetzaltenango, or Xela (“shay-lah”), in a sector located between the urban and rural areas called Pacajá. Rural communities in Guatemala remain more excluded than any other population group and so the location of our community center was chosen specifically so that we could serve some of the poorest communities in the city.
     Categories: Education, Youth
 Region: Quetzaltenango
    Address: 28 Avenida, 9-54 interior, Zona 1, Quetzaltenango
 How to Get Here: Directions from Xela’s Central Park: Starting at the intersection of Diagonal 12 and Diagonal 11, walk up Diagonal 11, passing the cemetery and Hospital Rodolfo Robles. At the split at the hospital, take your right, and go up the hill until you pass the o
     Founded: 2004
Volunteer Infotmation
      Job Description(s): VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY #1: Manos de Colores Volunteer
Spanish Level Required: Basic (Intermediate Preferred)
Minimum Time Commitment: 2 Weeks
Currently, El Nahual runs educational programs at several local schools in addition to our programs at our onsite community center. The majority of our volunteer placements involve teaching English, Art, Music, Math, and Science. Our three main programs are detailed below:

“Manos de Colores” (Colored Hands) - 3-5 pm weekday afternoons - This provides children from the surrounding communities with the opportunity to learn Art, Spanish, Math and English, which are all subjects that they do not receive in public schools. With the help of volunteers, we teach students aged five to sixteen that are either struggling in school or who do not attend formal public schools. For some students, Manos de Colores is the only education that they receive. We also have a “homework club” that is run by a Guatemalan teacher.

Accelerated Primary Education Program at El Nahual – Saturday mornings and afternoons - Every Saturday El Nahual converts itself into a school providing primary education to students who have delayed their graduation or otherwise not completed primary school. Students fourteen years and older take part in this program that helps them finish their primary (elementary) education within two years. Volunteers teach English as part of the curriculum.
All of our programs are entirely staffed by volunteers and we are pleased to receive help from enthusiastic individuals who are highly motivated to give back to the low-income communities we serve. A lot of the projects are fairly open ended and we are open to ideas for classes or projects. As a long-term volunteer especially, we may be able to start or change a program for you to fit your interests and skill set. Most volunteers work between 15-20 hours per week, although more hours are possible. Volunteering with El Nahual is an ideal opportunity to gain invaluable interna
     Spanish Level Required: Intermediate
   Time Available: 3 Weeks
Benefits for the Volunteer:
Notes: If you are interested, please send an email to our contact email (cdl.elnahual@gmail.com) or visit our website.    
 Contact Information and Extra Information About the NGO
     Contact Person(s): Yona (English & Spanish), Volunteer Coordinator
     Email(s): cdl.elnahual@gmail.com
     Phone Number(s): 5606-1704
     Website: www.languageselnahual.com/
  Information Gathered on: 11/03/2014
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